Meet the Team

Charles Tuthill

Managing Director

Our Great Leader has been in the recruitment business since 1972; a year that he safely predicts predates most of our clients’ birthdays! Passion about recruitment runs through him like the wording in Blackpool Rock. On a personal level, CT has dispensed with sterling, euros, dollars and even Bitcoin, and transacts his life in “curry money”; this culinary predilection always accompanied by a Cobra or three!

Chris Tuthill

Operations Manager

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Chris has been with us since the mists of time (we reckon circa 2008) and has enjoyed a variety of roles within UEA ending up in what he can only surmise now as a man with many hats! Random fact: A family man who likes the simple life, accused on occasion of being a little frugal (he calls it prudency!), he most enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his family i.e. its free!

Lauren Tuthill

General Manager

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Lauren joined the business in 2009 after travelling in Costa Rica and Mexico for a few months. She likes to take any opportunity she has to go abroad or spend time down in her home town Dorset where you will mostly find her in the pub. Her professional spirit animal is Dwight Shrute from The Office USA and is known in the office for her famous placement dances!

Dana Balac

Deputy Manager

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Dana has been with the agency for more than 20 years but she definitely doesn’t look it! For Dana, there is still nothing that beats finding candidates their ideal roles. In fact, her “ celebratory high kicks” are now legendary in the office!! When not at her desk, she enjoys receiving her regular Zara parcel’s as well as spending time with her daughter, visiting the grand estates of the UK (Platinum National Trust Member) and feeding her lovely cats – there had to be a mad cat women in the office.

Orla Walker

Senior Consultant

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Orla is our very own child genius! Since joining the team back in 2015 she has quickly progressed into Senior Consultant and now runs our Industrial division (whilst also diagnosing our basic IT issues, assisting us with any portal questions, Word document or PDF amendments…you get the picture)! She is a technical genius with the mathematical skills of Carol Vorderman and is the only person in the team that champions a paperless desk. From fear of potentially sounding a bit too geeky on a personal note you will always find a pub buddy in Orla who is more than willing to support you in any after work drinkies. Orla’s secret power is budget and blowing it.

Siobhan Joseph

Senior Consultant

01895 520 702

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Our resident Queen Bee, Siobhan joined Uxbridge Employment after a successful career in the hair and beauty industry (can’t you tell by that amazing head of hair!) Siobhan has now worked her way up to become one of our most trusted consultants. When Siobhan isn’t finding you your ideal job, you’ll find her in the eateries and bars of her home town FULHAM!!!! Never without a business card, perfectly quaffed hair and bottle of Prosecco in hand. FUN FACT: Siobhan is one great impersonator.

Sian Madigan

Recruitment Consultant
& Lead Talent Scout

01895 520 735

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Sian joined us in 2015 as an intern finishing her A-Levels, she is now one of our top talent-scouts for the Windsor team! When not working, Sian can be found socialising with her friends or most likely tucked into bed from Friday to Sunday watching Netflix! Random fact: She is an avid comic –con attendee

Lisa Austin

Consultant – Temporary Team

01895 520 700

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Lisa has been with the business since 2016 and temped for us on and off for years whilst pursing her career as a Professional Musical Theatre performer. You will always hear Lisa having a sing along, not tripping over everything in the office and getting Doritos in her eye. Lisa loves controlling the social media for the team and getting the top talent of Temps through our doors. Random Fact: Lisa was last seen dancing on EastEnders and can ALWAYS find a Friends quote to apply to every situation!

Nicole Ward

Trainee Consultant

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A new addition to our team, Nicole is the one you want in your corner when looking for a job. Loves securing people their dream role nearly as much as her fabulous handbag collection. She used to take to the skies as Cabin Crew but is now applying her affable nature to the recruitment industry. Interesting fact about Nicole: She thinks a white wine spritzer is ‘strong’.

Sandra Chance

Payroll Coordinator

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Our candidates pay couldn’t be trusted with a better women than our Sandra. Our very own Miss Marple, nothing escapes her watchful gaze. Since joining in 2016, all things payroll and invoicing has been managed by this wondrous women. Keeping us all in line, you’ll know if you’ve something wrong when you feel her waiting ever-patiently by your desk. When not being a human calculator, Sandra enjoys looking after her granddaughter and planning her next trip to the US. RANDOM FACT: Call her Sandy and you’ll be met with the wrath of the gods.

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