Placing your vacancy

Submit a job

We support you through every step of the process from the initial instruction through to the final appointment.

Contact Consultant

  • An experience consultant will walk you through our areas of expertise and will happily arrange a meeting to understand your business needs and ethos.
  • Advise on local recruitment trends with specialist knowledge of area
  • Agree Terms of Business, fees and rebates

Your Vacancy

  • We will guide you through assembling job and person specifications
  • Your consultant can also assess legal matters such as WTR, Revenue legislation, SSP &SMP etc.
  • Agree start dates, interviews slots and salary

CV Shortlists

  • Your consultant will source individuals through our active database of high calibre candidates as well as utilising a selection of UK job-boards, providing you with free advertising.
  • All candidates are fully interviewed and tested before submission to you
  • All candidates will be submitted with a profile to outline suitability, notice and salary

Interview Coordination

  • Your consultant will liaise with the selected candidates and yourself to handle interview coordination
  • We will ensure our candidates are fully briefed in regards to your company location, point of contact, time of interview and documentary requirements
  • Interview feedback will be provided to gauge suitability and interest in your company and role>
  • Candidate feedback will be passed on your behalf at your discretion

Offers & Negotiation

  • Your consultant will coordinate all offers to ensure candidates are fully committed and negotiate where appropriate
  • All details of the candidate/job offer will be confirmed in writing to all parties before our candidate commences employment with you
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